Designing Frustrating Software: Why poor product design is all too common - and how to avoid it using six keys design ideas.

  • 27 Mar 2008
  • 6:00 PM - 8:29 PM
  • Construx offices in downtown Bellevue
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Designing frustrating software. Why poor product design is all too common–and how to avoid it with six key design ideas”


In the software world, poor product design can lead to frustration and wasted time for our customers. Luckily for those of us who make software, users won't notice less-than-optimal design until after they've paid for our product! Because of this fact, developers can safely ignore pesky considerations like "usability" and "good design" without negatively impacting the success of a product. After all, isn’t it better to measure success by initial sales than by customer satisfaction?

In this presentation, Sanjeev will teach developers, testers, and designers how to save valuable time during the usability design phase of the product cycle and apply it where it really counts: on developing new features. He will present his “Six Steps to Success”, which help developers write feature-packed products without spending too much time on trivialities like usability.

On the other hand, Kendra will provide real, concrete practices that software engineers can use in their daily routines to improve the usability of the products they create. She will also present simple ways to test designs against real-life scenarios. Although usability is a topic that has been covered at great length, many of the accepted design conventions lack explanations of where and how to apply them. Worse still, others are entirely untrue or outdated. Kendra will turn Sanjeev’s “Six Steps to Success” into six key design ideas that will be useful for anyone who is interested in understanding how usability can help them design a better product.


This month’s talk will be presented by Sanjeev Verma from Microsoft and Kendra Yourtee from Amazon

Sanjeev Verma is currently a Program Manager after working for six years as a software developer. He knows how easy it is to create frustrating software and how important it is to fight that tendency. Sanjeev graduated from Rice University in 2002, worked as a Software Developer at National Instruments for four years, and now works on Hyper-V at Microsoft.

Kendra Yourtee has worked as a User Interface (UI) Program Manager for over three years, and was previously a UI tester. She knows firsthand what happens when users can't use products—they take their business elsewhere. Kendra graduated from Boston University with a double degree in computer science and mathematics but found her real passion was for customer-centered UI design. In her current role as a Technical Program Manager at she works hard to design simple solutions for complex problems.

Time and Date:

Thursday, March 27, 2008
6:00 P.M. Networking and refreshments
7:00 P.M. Presentation

No registration is required for this free meeting of UX professionals.


Construx (in central Bellevue near the transit center)
10900 NE 8th, Suite 1350, Bellevue 98004

Come early to find street parking. The north-south streets to the north (108th, 109th, and 110th) offer the best possibilities. There are also paid parking options in the area. If you arrive after 7:00 the building will be locked and you will need your cell phone to call for entry (the number will be posted on the lobby window).

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