The Taming of the New - Larry Keeley Workshop on Innovation

  • 18 Sep 2007
  • 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Larry Keeley of the Doblin Group explained the emerging disciplines of innovation and how they apply to you and your business.  Larry will describe how to systematically boost your innovation success rates to 35%-70%.  The norm today is an incredibly low 4% rate.


Larry explained how to identify the many surprising, counter-intuitive myths and lore that undermine innovation efforts-and how to adopt methods and logic that can shift innovation from a vague hope to a deep competence.  He explained how the success of the iPod illustrates the value of innovating across several types of innovation simultaneously, and the importance of effective customer-centered methods.

Bio: Larry Keeley is co-founder and president of the Doblin Group in Chicago.  Larry has worked with a wide variety of pioneering enterprises since 1979, among them firms like Aetna, Apple, Citigroup, ExxonMobil, Hallmark, McDonald's, Motorola, Pfizer, Steelcase, Texas Instruments and Zurich Financial Services. Larry is a board member for the Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology, where he also teaches graduate design strategy classes. He is a lecturer in innovation at Kellogg and University of Chicago and at many executive education programs.  He has been featured in Business Week and Fast Times.
Time and Date:

Tuesday, September 18th
8:00 A.M. Breakfast and Workshop
2:00 P.M. Close

No registration is required for this free meeting of UX professionals.

Location: One Union Square, Boardroom
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