Puget Sound SIGCHI is a non-profit, local chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI) serving the Puget Sound region's user experience and human-computer interaction professionals. Our members are practitioners, academics and researchers from Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas. With the generosity of our active paying members, we are able to invite and host exciting user experience and HCI experts to our community. 


The Puget Sound Chapter of ACM SigChi was founded in 1990 by Tom Rideout, Kathy Potosnak and Robin Kincaid. In the first years, the group was small but attracted attendees from Aldus, Microrim, Boeing, and the few usability professionals then practicing at Microsoft.

Over the years, the organization has grown from a small group of friends to a vibrant community embracing professionals from many fields including research, usability, information architecture, user experience, user-centered strategy and design.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Caroline Colón, Chair
Erika Sam, Vice Chair
Terri Lovins, Treasurer
Padma Ravikumar, Secretary
Emmerline Wu, Program Chair
Lulu Hoogerheyde, Communications Chair
Livia Brown, Marketing Chair
Anna Serra, Member Experience Chair
Kathryn Brookshire, Volunteer Chair / Academic Liaison

Thank you past board members and volunteers...

This is only a partial list of our many valued board members, without whom we would not be here today!

2017-2018 Board

Caroline Colon, Chair
Kimberly Kallinger, Vice Chair
Margaret DeGraw, Treasurer
Terri Lovins, Secretary
Kristine Vise, Program Chair
Lisa Mendez, Membership Experience Chair
Ava Phisuthikul, Social Media Chair
Jeff McClard, Volunteer Coordinator
Meri Harutyunyan, Marketing Chair
Livia Brown, Student Liaison 

2016-2017 Board

Gail Thynes, Chair
Kimberly Kallinger, Vice Chair
Margaret DeGraw, Treasurer
Kelly Campbell, Secretary
Caroline Colon, Program Chair
Lisa Mendez, Social Media Chair
Mark Stamnes, Membership Chair
Jeff McClard, Volunteer Coordinator
Kristen Vise, Webmaster

2015-2016 Board

Gail Thynes, Chair
Jeroen Bet, Vice Chair
Lad Decker, Treasurer
Kelly Campbell, Secretary
Kimberly Kallinger, Program Chair
Margaret Lyons, Social Media Chair
Mark Stamnes, Membership Chair
Jeff McClard, Volunteer Coordinator
Theano Petersen, Webmaster
Mark Hoffman, Designer

Additional past board members and volunteers

Tom Rideout
Becky Kaplan Farone
Judith Yaaqoubi
Josh LaMar
Wendy Leung
Cathie Toshach
Behnosh Najafi

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