Our Puget Sound SIGCHI chapter is one of the largest local chapters for ACM in the United States. We are managed by a volunteer board of directors with additional volunteer staff who help with events and community outreach.

The annual membership fee is only $40 per year, which goes to support all of the monthly speaker events plus other social networking events. Because of our membership we are able to invite and host prominent and influential leaders from the global UX and HCI community. In addition, the annual fee covers expenses such as the cost of travel for our speakers, location rental, refreshments, food and supplies. We pride ourselves in providing conference quality events all year round.

Join our community for only $40

Top benefits of membership

  • Get first dibs on seats to all of our events: You will know about our events first. And we will give you a code so that you never have to pay to attend our monthly talks!
  • Have fun: Receive exclusive access to exciting partner events and programs such as the Holiday Party.
  • Get discounts:  You will get discount codes to our half day and full day workshops.
  • Give back:  Membership dues help us build a stronger local UX community by supporting our monthly events and workshops.


Why did you start charging for monthly events?

When we started using Meetup last year, our ticket-to-attendance rate dropped significantly. Managing the waitlist was difficult for everyone and we ended up turning away too many people. We believe charging attendance fees to non-members help us ensure that people who want to attend our events get to.

I am a member of the PS SIGCHI Meetup group, so why didn't I get a code?

While it's true you are a member of PSSIGCHI on Meetup, PSSIGCHI members pay a $40 annual fee to join and receive exclusive benefits. To become a member with full benefits, join now

How do I check my membership status?

To check your membership status simply log in to your account. 

I never get a seat! The events always fill up before I have a chance to register.

We’ll be switching to Eventbrite for our event registration this year, which will allow us to provide early access and reserve seats for paid members. If you aren't already a member, join now.

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