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The membership fee for the Puget Sound SIGCHI chapter is $35 a year. PS SIGCHI is managed by an all-volunteer staff and the attendance of monthly meeting/social events is free; your membership makes it possible to provide these events, attract high profile speakers and support the community.
Becoming a paying member of the PS SIGCHI offers these additional opportunities:

  • Access to complete PS SIGCHI event presentation slides and videos in the For Members section
  • Networking with other UX professionals in the For Members section
  • Discounted or free workshop and tutorial pricing
  • Online Profile
  • Member Directory
  • Discussion Forum
  • Members' library of videos, conference proceedings, and workbooks
  • The Puget Sound SIGCHI LinkedIn Group

What does the membership fee pay for? Your membership dollars help pay for the space to hold our free monthly events with free refreshments. It also helps reimburse expenses for our speakers and pay our special guest speakers.

Puget Sound SIGCHI
P.O. Box 512
Seattle, WA 98111

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